Instagram Proxies : Create your own Dedicated IPs

Introduction to Instagram proxies

Today I would like to explain exactly, why you should use Instagram dedicated proxies and why you should create your OWN Instagram proxies. so you will be not depend on any proxy provider and you pay less for TOP Quality. Most of the IPs that you will get from third party providers has been used before / IG well know’s that Affiliate / Internet marketers using those subnets for automation. They see what type of traffic is coming from such Networks. + I saw all of your threads in Blackhatworld and the first thought which came into my mind is that I got to do something in order to provide you with a solution. So I made my research, and found out how to do it in the easiest and fast way that possible so you will not have to configure anything besides the username and password.

However, Don’t get me wrong – Even when you creating your own proxies you can get the hammer of IG. No one is bulletproof. However, The average user who will use third party proxy seller chances to get flagged are 80% and today yours will be less after you will learn to setup your own . As IG IMer you always want to enter to an advantage/journey when the ODDS is in your favor. Instagram ban rate is a critical odd, especially when you are planning to scale to 5K-10K Accounts.

Lets start

As we know, IG is taking some SERIOUS actions since March 2019. They know the proxy providers, and they know the Platforms being used to Growth your accounts as explained in the eBook.

What you need:

What you will do you is simply Create a VPS > Copy paste a Script > Click run, and that’s it.

In Vultur top you will see + at top of the page (Right side) simply click on it, Scroll the page down and choose CENTOS 6 . It cost 5$ a month but usually I get billed around $3. Scroll page down until you see

‘Script’ You are going to insert this script into it so when your server will be ready — All you will have to do is just copy paste the IP and connect to your proxy.

What you need to change in the script ;




Final Step

Click on Add script and setup the VPS. It will take around 5-10 minutes to finish the setup, when it’s done simply use the IP of the VPS as your proxy and you will be good to go. Instagram Proxies are better to use when you are the one that create them.